lending and borrowing

Jumbo stated

Hello. I would like to know if anyone may be able to help in Ohio. I need an 80-90% stated or no ratio loan for about $550-575k. I also need a stated or no ration loan at 110% Ltv, 2nd lien. This can close independently of the first mrtg loan. Customer has 626 Middle score and no lates on any accounts, ever. Wife is W-2 and scores 663. I need a fixed, 30 yr term with no MI and rate under 9%, paying 1 YSP. PPP needs to be light. The second can be any kind of loan, but PPP can only be for 1-2 yrs or 1% for up to 5yrs. Rate on 2nd is o.k. up to 14.5%. This will be for consolidation of debt. The First mtg loan can be R&T. Help. When responding give names and contact numbers in addition to the words ‘Jumbo Stated” so I know which inquiry you are referring to.
On a second note: I have access to E-leads and Tlmktd leads that I can not sell in states other than Ohio. If interested, please call me or email back contact info.

working for a mortgage banker

I have had the worst luck with employment in the past few years. One company declared BK, another only did loans in California, and the current company I am with does loans everywhere but takes forever to get anything done.
My needs are basic, I process and originate from home. I need to work for a lender that is licensed in most states as I do business all over the country. I do a lot of stated income stated asset cash out to 90% and a lot of Chase HELOCS. I do very little business in San Diego.
I am not interested in a “Net-Branch” opportunity. I am interested in working for a mortgage banker that can do loans everywhere and can work with a full spectrum of products.
I have been doing this 10 years. I fund at least $800K a month and usually make 2-3 points. My current employer is so slow that this number should be over a million a month but I have had to be careful taking certain deals so I do not get a bad rap for lack of performance.
I need to make 80% of my commision and my own processing fees. Please call with any opportunities.